WFI Distribution System

Sterile Water Storage and Distribution | Pure Steam Generation and Distribution System

WFI that is Water for Injection and also known as Sterile Water. WFI Purified Water storage and Distribution system is designed for use WFI Water at User point through Zero Dead Leg Valves with desired flow rate, desired Pressure, desired temperature and 100% Drain ability. This system is equipped with instruments like Pressure gauge/Transmitter, Temperature transmitter, Conductivity Transmitter, Flow Transmitter, UV Disinfection, Auto Flow Divert Valve and TOC as per the specification chosen. This system is fully controlled by PLC and Touch Screen HMI with Designed Line size and Flow with 100% Orbital welding, the WFI water should always be hot at some desired temperature as per mentioned in pharmaceuticals guide lines by means of steam or electric heaters which are controlled by PLC and sanitization compatible either Steam or Electric Heaters. Examination of Line joint with Boroscopy and Radiography as per client requirement.