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What is EDI system in water treatment plant?

EDI means electrode-ionization. It is an electro-driven process in water treatment plant that uses electricity, ion exchange membranes and resin to remove ionized species from water. It removes ions and inorganic impurities such as ions, salts and acids from water.

Process of electrode-ionization:

It consists of chambers filled with ion exchange resins and separated by exchange membranes. Water enters the system where an electrical force is applied to ions to move ions across the resins and the membranes. These impure ions are collected into the concentrated streams which are then directed to the drain or be recycled. The de-ionized can be further treated for enhanced water purification.

The EDI systems act as an ion exchange bed which is regenerated electrically. When ions move throughout the resins and selective membranes (cat-ion or anion), they are exchange for H+ or OH- ions. Ions that are bound to the resins move to separate chambers by an external electrical force. Ions that move to the separate chambers are then flushed to the waste.

The water ionic purity is limited to the total number of ions taken up by the resins. Too much of ionic content offers great load on the EDI system. Thus, EDI system is often used as a reverse osmosis system for the desalination of the hard water and converts it into soft water.

Benefits of EDI in water treatment plant:


Electrodeionization of hard water is an effective measurement of water purification process that polishes reverse osmosis (RO) permeates to deliver high-purity water.

Benefits of electrodeionization are as under:

  1. It is effective way of waste water treatment
  2. It has reduced operational cost on the long go
  3. It is a chemical free process of continuous deionization of water
  4. No waste neutralization
  5. Smaller footprint
  6. Needs minimal maintenance
  7. More consistent operation

EDI system is an essential part of the waste water treatment plant. Fayme engineering is the top leading manufacturer, supplier, and exporters of EDI systems in India. We have top-grade EDI systems manufactured at our firm. It is made from top-grade raw materials. We provide this to our valuable clients in an assured time frame. We never compromise in the quality standards of EDI systems for waste water treatment plant. We are highly prioritized for offering superior quality EDI across India and worldwide. We have modern machines and technologies for hassle free production of EDI systems in waste water treatment plant. We offer these at reasonable prices.

EDI systems offered by Fayme engineering are easy to install, operate and maintain. EDI systems have low maintenance cost and long-lasting service life. EDI systems are made with robust construction and ensure stable performance throughout the service life. We are working with full enthusiasm to bring excellence in our EDI systems for waste water treatment plants. We can customize EDI systems as per requirements of our valued clients. Feel free to contact us anytime; we’ve top-grade Edi systems for your essential requirements.

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