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Water System for Pharma Grade

Water system for Pharma Grade is also known as Purified water generation plant, that is skid mounted, designed with Chemical/Heat Sanitizable Reverse Osmosis Membrane and Heat Sanitizable EDI Unit together for continuous production of high purity water with conductivity as per the FDA/WHO/GMP/ISPE Guidelines. Plant is operated by combination of PLC and Touch Screen HMI as per the configuration chosen. Online monitoring and online printing of critical process parameters are considered as per standard specification FDA/WHO/GMP/ISPE Guidelines.

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An crucial piece of equipment in the pharmaceutical sector is the PW storage tank. These items’ primary functions are the creation, storage, and delivery of purified water for diverse applications. Fayme Engineering is a leader in the field with the most up-to-date facilities and equipment to design, produce, and provide PW loop tanks for your unique needs. Water for injection and purified water are distinct and categorised differently based on their physical, chemical, and microbiological characteristics. We provide one of the most popular WFI storage tanks utilised throughout all of India as well as in many hospitals and pharmaceutical companies. The purified water may be kept in these storage tanks at the desired temperature. To store demineralized water effectively, we provide DM water storage tanks.

We want all of our clients to be part of a long-lasting relationship. We are one of the leading companies in providing our customers with a great selection of PW Storage Tanks. We are a well-known producer and provider of this high-quality selection. Our prestigious clientele highly value and want our items. These goods are offered at a price that leads the industry.

Pw Generation System manufacturer

Installation ServiceYes
Material for ConstructionStainless steel
Power SourceElectric
Minimum Order Quantity1 Unit
Water SourceBorewell Water, Municipal Water
Voltage220-440 V
Number of Filtration Passes2
Technology TypePLC
EDI Capacity100-10000 LPH

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One of the elements in the pharmaceutical industry that is most obvious is water. Water serves as both a formulation component and a solvent in a number of pharmaceutical operations. As a result, greater care and attention must be taken to ensure that the used water complies with the standards for filtered water. Water is filtered to remove contaminants and prevent germs from contaminating items. Reverse osmosis, filtration, distillation, and ion exchange are a few of the industrial water purification methods used to purify water. However, other powerful methods, such ultra filtration, can also be used. Purified water is used in the pharmaceutical sector for the production of large-scale pharmaceutical products as well as the cleaning of certain systems and equipment.


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