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We are Leading Manufacturer of Purified Water Generation System, Purified Water Storage and Distribution System, RO Water System for Pharmaceutical Industry, Orbital Welding Work any Many More in Gujarat, India

Fayme Engineering is committed to address the customer requirements with the point blank accuracy with customized and optimum design with quality oriented concept in accordance with the type of industry and sensitivity of product to the core business of client. Commissioning with standard qualification and validation activity and followed by prompt service support are key USPs of Fayme Engineering. 

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RO Water System for Pharmaceutical Industry

Reverse osmosis is the most popular filtration method and it is generally utilized in pharmaceutical water systems. This process is utilized to eliminate the particles including particles from the water. The RO system contains a semi-penetrable layer that permits passing the water and rejects the contaminants. Reverse osmosis is skilled to eliminate the salts, sugars, proteins, colors, microscopic organisms and different particles having the atomic weight greater than 250 daltons even infections. Our capability and experience with the pharmaceutical industry means that we can give our customers top of the line water refinement systems. Each part of our administrations is kept on a high quality standard to ensure that our committed team of specialists stays on top of the necessities of the market.

Because of its productivity in purification and low cost, RO is a broadly utilized technology to acquire purified water. Pre-treatment is essential for the expulsion of particles that could harm layers.

Purified Water Generation System

Purified water Generation systems might be utilized for a variety of purposes in pharmaceutical manufacturing. For non-parenteral items it may be utilized in product formulation and final washing of process equipment and containers. In the assembling of parenteral items it may be used in the initial washing of containers and to take care of WFI (Water For Injection) frameworks.

To create Purified Water, it’s important to eliminate natural substances, high and medium molecular weight particles and microscopic organisms/pyrogens to a level that meet the necessities.

Fayme Engineering has built a market leading reputation on planning Purified Water systems that work for you, despite of the ideal grade, limit or application.

Purified water is ordinarily prepared by ion exchange, reverse osmosis or a mix of the two treatment measures. It is expected for use as a fixing in the arrangement of compedial dosage forms. It contains no additional substances, and isn’t expected for use in parenteral items. Our all Purified Water Generation System meets global rules and also guarantees product quality and productivity. All Purified Water Generation System are pre-tested, approved, conservative and ready to use.

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We are  Water Purifier Spare PartsWater Purifier Accessories, Purified Water Generation System, Purified Water Storage and Distribution System, RO Water System, Orbital Welding Work manufacturers, suppliers & exporters in India. 

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Fayme Engineering is specialized in Life care segment like Purified water generation systems for pharmaceutical manufacturing units and hospitals for operation of high-end medical devices. Fayme Engineering provides customized solutions for water purification, storage and distribution system. GWS ranges its products for fulfilling requirements of water for industrial use, drinking water and ultra-pure water for sensitive industries like semiconductor, electronics etc. Our Main Products are Purified Water Generation System, Electropolished Stainless Steel Tube, Ultrapure Water Purification System, Customized Pure Water Treatment Solutions, EDI System in Water Treatment Plant. We are Leading Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter of CIP / SIP System, SS Vessel, Diaphragm Valve, Zero Dead Leg Valve, Ball Valve, Heat Exchanger, Stainless Steel TC Liner, Stainless Steel TC Clamp in India

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