Purified Water Generation System

Purified Water Generation System in Pharmaceutical Industry

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Purified water Generation systems may be utilized for a variety of purposes in pharmaceutical manufacturing. For non-parenteral products, it may be used in product formulation and final washing of process equipment and containers. In the manufacture of parenteral products it could be used in the original washing of containers and to feed WFI systems.

To produce Purified Water, it’s essential to remove organic substances.


High Purity Water Generation System

Purified Water Generation System Manufacturer

Salient Features

  • Complete Skid Mounted System
  • Treatment based on MMF, SOF, UF
  • Lowest Footprint
  • 0.25 M3/Hr. to 25.0 M3/Hr.
  • Lowest Reject Water
  • WHO, GMP, USP, WFI standards are maintained
  • HMI Control
  • Lowest OPEX and CPAEX
  •  24*7 Service backup
  •  Validation document DQ, FAT, IQ, OQ and SOP
  • Turnkey Solution for Water Generation and Distribution

Depending on the mandatory grade, our typical Purified Water generation systems might consist of:

  • Sodium hypochlorite dosing station for water disinfection and oxidation of organic substances, reducing the bacterial charge(not typically in UK and Ireland)
  • (not typically in UK and Ireland)
  • Double filtration system to remove solid substances in inlet water
  • Single or double osmotic stage
  • Continuous Electro-Deionizer
  • UV lamps
  • Final sterile filtration -0,22 µm