High Purity Water Storage Systems

Purified Water Storage Tank are made with GMP Standards/ ISPE Guidelines with no dead leg and 100% drainablity along with sanitization compatible either Steam or Electric Heaters.

Storage tanks are equipped with Man Hole, Spray Ball, Compound Pressure Gauge, Electric Vent Filter, Rupture Disc, Light & Sight Glass and Back pressure relief valve etc. accessories as per the configuration chosen.

Customized Pure Water Treatment Solutions

Customized water filtration systems are offered by Fayme Engineering for usage in highly polluted water sources found all over the world. These systems are specifically created to address a range of water quality challenges and deliver pure, secure water with simple, efficient fixes. With the help of our specialised systems, we can eliminate unpleasant flavours, colours, and odours as well as undesired pollutants like chlorine, iron, heavy metals, organic waste, viruses, and microbiological organisms.

There are several of pre-built water filtering systems available. It might be difficult, tedious, and fruitless to find the ideal system to meet your precise demands. Custom water filtration systems designed to your specifications are the obvious answer. Customized Pure Water Treatment Solution are created, developed, and manufactured by Fayme Engineering.

EDI System in Water Treatment Plant

Ion exchange membranes, electricity, and resin are all used in the electrically powered water treatment process known as Electrodeionization (EDI) to remove ionised species from water. Typically used in combination with reverse osmosis (RO) and other purification technologies, Electrodeionization (EDI) systems remove ions from aqueous streams. Our premium modules consistently generate ultra-pure water up to 18.2M/cm. Either continuous or sporadic EDI operation is possible. Deionizing water with Electrodeionization is environmentally friendly. Electrodeionization units are the deionization of the future since they don’t require expensive chemical maintenance and have almost no downtime.

The capacity of water to carry current is referred to as conductivity. It is a significant factor in determining the quality of the water. Low conductivity refers to a decrease in the water’s capacity to conduct electricity, and such water is of the highest calibre. This is owing to the fact that, in contrast, if water contains ions from dissolved impurities such as dissolved salts and other inorganic components like chlorides, sulphides, carbon compounds, etc., it will conduct current because of the high ion concentration. Therefore, water with a higher conductivity is of worse quality since it has a greater capacity to transmit electricity.

Electro-Deionization (EDI) machinery may be used to provide the high purity water needed to meet the growing demand. To create deionized water, the EDI method substitutes traditional DI mixed resin beds. Contact us now for more information about the EDI system in water treatment plants.