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Fayme engineering is the leading heat exchangers manufacturer in India. We offer a comprehensive range of heat exchangers mentioned above for the purpose of heating effects in various applications. We manufacture top-grade heat exchangers and sale them on a large scale worldwide. We never compromise in the quality standards of the heat exchangers. We are famous for supplying superior grade heat exchangers on a wide scale. We maintained assured quality standards while manufacturing heat exchangers. Superior grade heat exchanger is the result of stringent quality supervisions by experts. Heat exchanger by Fayme engineering is   made by considering essential universal standards. We are highly engaged in creating the best features available to better suit your industrial fragments. We provide heat exchangers at reasonable rates.

We are highly prioritized for supplying top-grade heat exchangers worldwide. Our efficient engineers are working the best features in heat exchangers for your valuable industrial requirements.  We are famous as heat exchangers manufacturers across the globe.

What is heat exchanger?

The heat exchanger is a heat transfer system. It is used to transfer heat in two or more streams. Heat exchangers are widely used in heating and cooling operations. A solid layer is present to prevent the mixing of hot and cold fluids. Heat exchangers are vitally used in various space heating, refrigeration, air conditioning, power stations, chemical plants, petrochemical plants, petroleum refineries, natural gas processing, and sewage treatment.

There are three types of classification of heat exchanger as per the flow arrangements:

  1. Parallel flow heat exchangers: In this type of flow arrangement two fluids enter at the same end and move parallel to one another to the other end.
  2. Counter flow heat exchangers: In this type of flow arrangement two fluids enter at the opposite ends and it is the most efficient heat transfer medium that can transfer most heat from the heat transfer medium per unit mass due to the fact that the average temperature difference along any unit length is higher.
  3. Cross flow heat exchangers: In this type of flow arrangement fluids move roughly perpendicular to one another through the exchanger.

Types of heat exchangers

  1. Double pipe heat exchanger: It is used when one fluid flow into the annular gap present between two tubes, one fluid flows through the smaller gap. The flow is a current flow or parallel flow in double pipe heat exchanger.
  2. Shell and tube heat exchanger: Main constituents of this type of heat exchanger are the tube box, shell, the front rear end headers, and baffles or fins. There are different variations available in the shell and heat tube exchanger as per the variations of the flow arrangement and constructions.
  3. Plate heat exchanger: This type of heat exchanger contains thin shaped heat transfer plates bundled together. This type of heat arrangement ensures the flow of fluid to the whole heat transfer surface. Plate heat exchangers prevent accumulation of unnecessary stuff on solid surfaces. High flow turbulence provides better transfer of heat and reduction in pressure. 
  4. Condensers and boiler heat exchanger: this type of heat exchanger has two phase heat transfer system condensers and boilers or evaporators. Condensers are use to cool down hot gas in a liquid form. Boilers are initial phase of heat exchanger is where a hot liquid stream is the source of heat rather than the combustion products.
  5. Adiabatic wheel heat strangers: this type of heat exchanger uses an intermediate fluid to hold heat and move to the other side of the heat exchanger to be released.
  6. Plate fin heat exchanger: this type of heat exchanger uses “sandwiched” passages containing fins to increase the effectiveness of the unit. The designs include cross flow and counter flow coupled with various fin configurations. It is usually made of aluminum alloy to increase heat efficiency.
  7. Finned tube heat exchanger: it is widely used in electronics cooling, heat sinks, particularly using heat pipes that can have a stacked-fin construction.
  8. Pillow plate heat exchanger: it is widely used in dairy industry for cooling milk in large direct-expansion stainless steel bulk tanks. 
  9. Dynamic scrapped surface heat exchanger: it is widely used for heating or cooling high viscosity products, crystallization processes, evaporation and high- fouling applications.
  10. Phase change heat exchanger: it is used to heat a liquid for evaporation or used as condensers to cool a vapor and condense it to a liquid. It is widely used in chemical plants and refineries, reboilers to heat incoming fluids for distillation towers.
  11. Direct contact heat exchanger: such heat exchangers are used to transfer hot and cold fluids when there is no wall present between the two phases. It is widely used in air conditioning, humidification, industrial hot water heating, and water cooling and condensing plants.
  12. Micro channel heat exchanger: this is a multi multi-pass parallel flow heat exchangers consisting of three main elements: manifolds, multi-port tubes with the hydraulic diameters smaller than 1mm, and fins. It is widely used in automotive industry as the car radiators, and as condenser, evaporator, and cooling/heating coils in HVAC industry.
  13. Heli-coil heat exchanger: In type of heat exchanger which at least one fluid flows in lateral confinements with typical dimensions below 1 mm. It is widely used in many applications such as high-performance aircraft gas turbine engines, heat pumps, micro processor & micro chip cooling, and air conditioning.

Product Description:

We are manufacturing of Mild steel Tubular condenser.

  • Orientation : Horizontal, Vertical, Inclined
  • Material : Mild Steel, SS 304, SS 316

Additional Information:

  • Delivery Time : 4 to 6 week
  • Port Of Dispatch : Anywhere in india
  • Production Capacity : 4 in month
  • Payment Terms : L/C (Letter of Credit)/T/T (Bank Transfer)/D/P/D/A/Other

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