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Water Purifier Spare Parts in Ahmedabad

Spare parts are essential part of an RO system. Every part signifies different roles necessary for the water purification. Quality plays a major part in Water Purifier Spare Parts. The treated water should be free of contaminants and impurities. Water is a necessary component of every-day life but the water should be of good quality. An efficient RO system is necessary for the building the quality of water. It prevents you from severe health hazards.

RO is nothing without spare parts, without spare it can do nothing. A good quality spare part ensures the longevity of the RO system.

Fayme engineering is the leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of fine grade water purifier spare parts in India. Spare parts are necessary equipments of water purification system. Quality oriented spare parts are necessary for the smooth functioning of water purification system. Spare parts of purification systems includes inlet valve, RO membrane, pre-filter cartridge, post filter cartridge, storage tank, backward flow restricting valve, drain line, and  faucets. Spare parts by Fayme engineering is fabricated with superior grade raw materials that bear high tensile strength to resist heavy workloads. Spare parts are fabricated under extreme supervision of experts. We provide superior grade spare parts as per the defined requirements of clients. We supply quality oriented water purifier spare parts on a large scale worldwide. Water purifier spare parts are easy to install, operate and maintain. Spare parts offer smooth functioning throughout their life span. These spare parts are highly durable and provide optimum performances after installed. They bear less maintenance after installation. Water purifier spare parts are utilized in many industrial frameworks for the large purification systems.

Who are we?

Fayme engineering is the leading brand famous for manufacturing, supplying and exporting superior grade spare parts essential for RO systems. We manufacture spare parts from top-grade raw materials. We never compromise in the quality standards of our products. Our product range involves SS Tank, SS Valve, SS Filter Housing, Filtration System Unit for Pharma industries, and much more. We are working with full enthusiasm to bring excellence in the RO systems.

We have modern machines and equipment in our infrastructure for the enhancement of manufacturing unit. We ensure timely deliveries for our products. Owing to the experience of 12+ years we have gained the prominence in the RO systems. We know current trends and have designed spare parts as per the trends prevailing in the market. We offer fully customized range of spare parts as per the requirements of clients. We offer spare parts at reasonable price. You can contact us anytime; we are available 24/7 for your conservational requirements.

What are purifier spare parts?

Spare parts of are essential for any type of RO purifier. 

Spare parts of RO purifiers involve:

  1. In-let valve: it is the source of water for the purification system. It is set on the cold water line (faucet).
  2. Pre-filter: it is present in most of RO purifiers to prevent the membrane from silt, salt and chlorine. It acts as a typical sediment or carbon filter.
  3. RO membrane: it is the most important component of the RO system removes inorganic contents of impure water.
  4. Post filter: before reaching the faucet the water moves to the post filter. It eliminates odour, taste and contaminants and converts it into fresh water.
  5. Storage tank: the purified water is leaded to these pressurized tanks it stores the purified water.
  6. Backward flow restricting valve: it prevents the backward flow of the treated water from the storage tank. The backward flow of the treated water is responsible for damaging the membranes by rupturing it.
  7. Drain line: the drain line is attached to the output end of the RO purifier it is used to release the waste water full of contaminants and impurities.
  8. Faucets: it is a controllable tap directly linked with the sink and is used for controlling the direct flow of the water.

What are RO purifiers?

Reverse osmosis system is a process of desalination of hard water. It is used to remove inorganic contents such as iron, magnesium and various other solid impurities present in water. It is used to remove impurities present in hard water. RO systems are essential to convert hard water into soft water and make it suitable for drinking & various other industrial applications such as pharmaceuticals, chemical, food & beverage, and many other industries. RO purification system involves various stages for purification which are:

  • Sediment filter
  • Carbon filter
  • Reverse osmosis membrane
  • Polish filter

A sediment filter is used to separate large particles and dissolved solids present in the water. The carbon cartridge removes the odour, taste, contaminant, and chlorine content of water. It is helpful in reducing leads present in the contaminated water. RO membrane is a thin membrane present to remove TDS (totally dissolved solvents) content of water up to 95%. These are semi-permeable membranes present in the water used for the desalination purpose. The post sediment filter is also called polish filter is an arrangement present before the faucets; it adds final touch to the pure water. It removes the left-out impurities of the purified water.

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Contact Us

Address 20/B, Second Floor, Karnavati Estate, NR.Trikampura Patiya Phase-03, Opp. Baba Ramdev Hotel, GIDC Vatva, Ahmedabad-382445, Gujarat.
Contact Person
Kunal Makwana : +91-98988 86853
Chetas Purohit : +91-97274 11134
Email-id info.fayme2015@gmail.com project@faymeengineering.com

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